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Welcome to Hotel Gomti

The hotel lies just one minute walkable distance from the Dwarkadhis Temple and quite close to the gomati river and is pretty convenient for the tourists. The Hotel Gomti is situated in the heart of the city of dwarka. The Hotel Gomti is quite accessible from the major locations of the city to the important tourist attractions in Dwarka City. hotel gomti, is a place of Homely Comfort with ECO-Friendly atmosphere. It is one of the luxurious hotels in Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple

Holy Land of Load Krishna, Dwarka

Shri Hari Mandir

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Best Destinations around Dwarka

Shree Rukmaniji Mandir

Shree Rukmaniji Mandir

The char dham yatra is considered incomplete without visiting this Shree Rukamaniji Temple.Rukmini temple is located 2 kms away from Dwarka's Jagat Mandir. Maybe 2500 years old, but its domed mandapa and stepped sanctuary cannot be older than the 12th century in its present form.

Gopi Talav

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka, also known as Beyt Shankhodhar, is a small island and was the main port in the region before the development of Okha. It offers opportunities to spot dolphins, marine excursions, camping and picnicking.Beyt Dwarka as the original abode of Lord Krishna.

Nageshwar Temple


The temple is located at 16kms from Dwarka.Located on the route between Dwarka city and Beyt Dwarka Island on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat is this important Lord Shiva Temple. It is enshrined by one of the 12 swayambhu (self-existent) jyothirlingas in the world, in an underground sanctum.

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

The beautiful ancient temple of Mahadev is located on the seashore of Arabian sea.The revered temple is behind the Geeta Mandir, in the west of Dwarka.During the high tide temple gets surrounded by water, but at the time of ebb when the water level come backs to normal one can reach there very easily.